Who we are

ArmenTheTiger (AtT) is a family-owned educational resource that believes in the power of fun and creativity to inspire children to learn. Our journey began when a father noticed his son, Armen, struggling with French dictation. In an effort to help his son, the father started creating videos and sharing them on YouTube. He watched what drew Armen’s attention during online games and used that to create engaging and interactive content that would make learning fun.

As Armen’s French dictation improved, his father realized that other kids could benefit from his approach. Thus, AtT was born. Our goal is to create content and programs that support children’s learning in a fun and engaging way. We strive to develop materials that are both entertaining and educational, so children can learn without even realizing it.

At AtT, we believe that an innovative idea can come from anyone, regardless of their age or background. We work collaboratively to achieve our goals, and we have fun doing it!


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At ArmenTheTiger (AtT), we understand that learning should be a delightful and captivating experience. This is why we develop educational content that seamlessly integrates games, stories, and other exciting elements to make learning enjoyable and memorable.

We are fervent about assisting children in honing their language, math, and technology skills. To achieve this, we meticulously design content and programs that will spark their curiosity, encourage their creativity, and motivate them to learn.